Deborah Jakubs, Ph.D.
Rita DiGiallonardo Holloway University Librarian & Vice Provost for Library Affairs
Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services
Naomi L Nelson
Associate University Librarian and Director, Rubenstein Library
Tom Hadzor
Associate University Librarian for Development
Tim McGeary
Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies and Technology
Dave Hansen, J.D.
Associate University Librarian for Research, Collections & Scholarly Communication
Dracine Hodges
Associate University Librarian for Technical Services
Lisa Croucher
Executive Director, TRLN
Kurt Cumiskey
Associate Director, Development
Digital Production Services Manager
Kelley Lawton
Head, East Campus Libraries and Subject Librarian for United States History
Laura Williams
Head, Music Library
Head, Core Services
Karen Newbery
Head, Library Systems and Integration Support
Head, Software Services
Michael Greene II
Associate Director, Learning Technology Services and Strategy
Quentin Ruiz-Esparza
Assoc Program Director – Online Duke
Kim Manturuk
Associate Director, Research, Evaluation and Development
Amy Kenyon
Assistant Director; Head, Teaching Innovation
Manager, IT
Research Services Archivist
Rare Materials Cataloger
Leeda Adkins
Metadata Ingest Specialist
Sean Aery
Digital Projects Developer
Earl Alston
Library Service Center Access and Delivery Coordinator
Seth Anderson
Rachel Ariel
Librarian for Jewish Studies
Nancy Bachelder
Continuing Resources Acquisitions Associate
Joseph L. Bailey
Library Assistant for Stacks Maintenance and Retrieval
Judith Bailey
Collections Coordinator
Jennifer Baker
Access Services Section Head, Research Services
Digital Humanities Developer
Library Assistant, Senior
Evening Service Desk Assistant
Sara Seten Berghausen
Associate Curator of Collections
Sara Biondi
Order and Receipts Specialist for Japanese and Korean Language Materials
Serials & Electronic Resources Acquisitions Librarian
Greta Boers
Librarian for Linguistics & Classical Studies
Julie Brannon
IT Business Analyst
Craig Breaden
Audiovisual Archivist
Learning Management System (LMS) Service Lead
Harry Harkins, Jr. Intern
Accounting Assistant
Candice Brown
Materials Management Associate
Nathaniel Brown
Lilly Library Access and Delivery Services Manager
Angela Bryant
Financial Analyst
Library Assistant
Corrina Carter
Coordinator, Shelf-Preparation Section
Digital Humanities Senior Programmer
David Chandek-Stark
DevOps Engineer
Joyce Chapman
Assessment Analyst & Consultant
MorphoSource Repository Developer
Metadata Transformation Librarian
Technical Services Archivist, John. W. Hartman Center
Kate Collins
Research Services Librarian
Marta Conde Rincon
Catalog Librarian for French, Italian, and Digital Collections Resources
Team Lead, Western Languages, Monographic Acquisitions Dept.
Bronwyn Cox
Order and Receipts Specialist for Western Languages
Megan Crain
Annual Giving Coordinator
Thomas Crichlow
Web Experience Project Lead
Derrek Croney
Sr. IT Analyst / DevOps
Lauren Crowell
Senior Library Assistant, Lilly
Linda Daniel
Head, Social Sciences Section; Librarian for Sociology and Cultural Anthropology
Jen Darragh
Senior Research Data Management Consultant
Michael Daul
Digital Projects Developer
Alaina Deane
Electronic Resources Management Specialist
Ryan Denniston
Librarian for Public Policy and Political Science
Maggie Dickson
Metadata Architect
Electronic Resources Management Specialist
Learning Experience Designer for Divinity School
Senior Applications Analyst
Fouzia El Gargouri
Team Lead, Non-Roman Languages Unit. Monograph Acquisitions Dept.
Shawn Elder
Stacks Maintenance Assistant
Digitization Specialist, Still Image
Duke Endowment Library Research Intern
[Matthew] Farrell
Digital Records Archivist and Digital Preservation Officer
TRLN Program Officer
Lilly Media & Reserves Coordinator
Analyst, IT, Sr
Stephanie Ford
Evening Research Services Librarian
Computing Services Support Analyst
John Gartrell
Director, John Hope Franklin Research Center for African and African American History & Culture
Shadae Gatlin
Repository Services Analyst
Hillary Gatlin
Records Manager
Rubenstein Library Research Services Assistant
Arnetta C Girardeau, J.D.
Copyright & Information Policy Consultant
Stephen Goranson
Stacks Maintenance Assistant
Digitization Specialist - Audio
Sarah Griffin
Librarian for Public Services, Music Library
Research Services Librarian
Monographic Receipts Management Assistant
Erin Hammeke
Senior Conservator for Special Collections
William Hanley III
Electronic Resources Management Specialist
Heather Hans
Learning Experience Designer
Analyst, IT, Library Systems and Integration Support
Arianne Hartsell-Gundy
Head, Humanities Section and Librarian for Literature and Theater Studies
Facilities and Distribution Services Coordinator
Matthew Hayes, Ph.D.
Japanese Studies and Asian American Studies Librarian
Ciara Healy
Librarian for Psychology & Neuroscience, Mathematics, and Physics
Henry Hebert
Conservator for Special Collections
Jack Hill
Repository DevOps Systems Analyst
Sonya Hinsdale
Circulation Supervisor
Carson Holloway
Librarian for History of Science and Technology, Military History, British and Irish Studies, Canadian Studies and General History
Continuing Resource Acquisitions Intern
Adam Hudnut-Beumler
Serials Management Assistant
Learning Experience Designer
Noah Huffman
Archivist for Metadata, Systems, and Digital Records
Serials Description Librarian and Coordinator
Lead Designer and Photographer
Rachel Ingold
Curator, History of Medicine Collections
Senior Conservation Technician
Tracy Jackson
Head, Archival Processing Section
Rare Materials Cataloger
Nicholas Janes
Learning Experience Designer
Paula Jeannet
Visual Materials Processing Archivist
Special Formats Description Librarian
Library Intern
Learning Innovation Financial Analyst
TRLN Applicatins Developer
Drew Keener
Geospatial Analyst
Public Services Library Assistant
Caitlin Margaret Kelly
Curator of the Documentary Arts & Director of the Power Plant Gallery
Our Stories. Our Terms Project Archivist
Web Application Developer
Yoon Kim
Senior Library Exhibition Technician
Human Rights Archives Intern
Ira King
Evening Reference Librarian and Supervisor, Lilly Library / Librarian for Disability Studies
Computing Services Support Analyst
Tara Kramling
Learning Experience Designer
Miree Ku
Korean Studies Librarian
Sophia Lafferty-Hess
Senior Research Data Management Consultant
TRLN Program Administrator
Learning Experience Designer
Robin Lapasha
Order and Receipts Specialist for Slavic Language Materials
Joshua Larkin Rowley
Hartman Center Reference Archivist
Our Story. Our Terms. Project Coordinator
Technical Services Archivist, Sallie Bingham Center
John Little
Data Science Librarian
Lesley Looper
Team Lead, Bindery & Monograph Maintenance Section
Chris Lorch
Learning Technology Analyst
Heidi Madden, Ph.D.
Librarian for Western European and Medieval Renaissance Studies
Monographs Description Librarian
Behind the Veil Processing Intern
Alex Marsh
Lead Digitization Specialist
Monographic Receipts Management Assistant
Jeremy Martin
Reserves Coordinator
Heather Martin
Librarian for African and African American Studies
Daniel Maxwell
Library Assistant Senior
Ellen Maxwell
Resource Description Specialist
Staff Asst
Collection Development Specialist
Seth McCurdy
Stacks Maintenance Supervisor
Ryan McGovern
HR Specialist
Business Services Staff Assistant
Laura Micham
Director, Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History and Culture and Curator, Gender and Sexuality History Collections
Eric Monson, Ph.D.
Data Visualization Analyst
Monograph Acquisitions and Processing Associate
Elise Mueller
Senior Consultant
Rich Murray
Principal Cataloger
IT Business Analyst
Andrea Novicki, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant
Megan O'Connell
Research Services Assistant
Danette Pachtner
Librarian for Film, Video, & Digital Media and Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
Sarah Park
Librarian for Engineering and Computer Science
Theodore Parker
Section Head, Document Delivery Services
Josiah Charles Trent Intern
Conservation Specialist
Alice Poffinberger
Library Specialist
Jodi Psoter
Librarian for Chemistry and Statistical Science
Linda Purnell
Document Delivery Services Coordinator
Interlibrary Requests Assistant
Grey Reavis
R&D Project Coordinator
Section Head, Rare Materials Cataloging
Inventory Mgmt Clerk
Randy Riddle
Sr. Consultant
Katryna Robinson
Executive Assistant to the Rita DiGiallonardo Holloway University Librarian & Vice Provost for Library Affairs
Hannah Rozear
Librarian for Instructional Services and Global Health
Emmanuel Senga
Library Assistant
Library Associate
Digital Humanities Consultant
Order and Receipts Specialist for Chinese Language Materials
Serial Description Librarian
Order and Receipts Specialist for Western Languages
Stacks and Photocopy Assistant
Lee Sorensen
Librarian for Visual Studies and Dance, Lilly Library
Patrick A. Stawski
Human Rights Archivist
Sophia Stone, Ed.D.
Sr. Consultant
Facilities and Distribution Services Assistant
Library Holdings Management Assistant, Sr.
Sean Swanick
Librarian for North Africa, Middle East and Islamic Studies
Accessions Coordinator
Periodicals Receipt Assistant
Michael Terrell
ILL Lending Assistant
Carol Terry
Lilly Library Collection Services, Communications & Social Media Coordinator
Nanako Thomas
Catalog Librarian for Japanese Language Resources
Mark Thomas
GIS Specialist and Librarian for Economics
Consumer Reports Processing Intern
Cheryl Thomas
Librarian for Philosophy and Religious Studies
Perkins Service Desk Supervisor
Teresa Tillman
Library Human Resources Representative
Jolie Tingen
Product Manager, Kits Platform
Tammy Toler
Learning Innovation Staff Assistant
MorphoSource Repository Developer
RIS Humanities Intern
Communications Strategist
Heather Valli
Learning Experience Designer
Research Services Associate
Jacqueline Wachholz
Director, John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising, and Marketing History
Daniel Walker
Library Assistant-- Library Service Center
Haley Walton
Librarian for Education and Open Scholarship
Abigail Wickes
Electronic Resources Management Librarian
Desktop Administration Analyst
Business Services Specialist
Brittany Wofford
Librarian for the Nicholas School of the Environment
Kelly Wooten
Research Services and Collection Development Librarian, Sallie Bingham Center
Access and Library Services Assistant
John Hope Franklin Research Center Intern
Luo Zhou
Chinese Studies Librarian
Haiyan Zhou
Associate Director of Teaching and Learning at Duke Kunshan University
Ernest Zitser, Ph.D.
Librarian for Slavic, Eurasian, and Eastern European Studies
Angela Zoss, Ph.D.
Assessment & Data Visualization Analyst