Emily Daly (she/her/hers)
Interim Associate University Librarian for Research and Public Services
Andrea Loigman
Head, Access and Delivery Services
Kelley Lawton
Head, East Campus Libraries and Subject Librarian for United States History
Heidi Madden, Ph.D.
Head, International and Area Studies & Librarian for Western European and Medieval Renaissance Studies
Laura Williams
Head, Music Library
Rachel Ariel
Librarian for Jewish Studies
Joseph L. Bailey
Library Assistant for Stacks Maintenance and Retrieval
Evening Service Desk Assistant
Greta Boers
Librarian for Linguistics & Classical Studies
Access Services Librarian
Nathaniel Brown
Lilly Library Access and Delivery Services Manager
Interlibrary Requests Assistant, Senior
Lauren Crowell
Senior Library Assistant, Lilly
Linda Daniel
Head, Social Sciences Section; Librarian for Sociology and Cultural Anthropology
Ryan Denniston, Ph.D.
Librarian for Public Policy and Political Science
Resource Sharing Librarian
Shawn Elder
Stacks Maintenance Assistant
Lilly Media & Reserves Coordinator
Stephanie Ford
Evening Research Services Librarian
Librarian for Latin American, Iberian and Latinx Studies
Sarah Griffin
Librarian for Public Services, Music Library
Arianne Hartsell-Gundy
Head, Humanities Section and Librarian for Literature and Theater Studies
Matthew Hayes, Ph.D.
Librarian for Japanese Studies and Asian American Studies
Ciara Healy
Librarian for Psychology & Neuroscience, Mathematics, and Physics
Sonya Hinsdale
Circulation Coordinator
Carson Holloway
Librarian for History of Science and Technology, Military History, British and Irish Studies, Canadian Studies and General History
Public Services Library Assistant
Ira King
First-Year Experience Librarian, Lilly Library, & Librarian for Disability Studies
Miree Ku
Korean Studies Librarian
Jeremy Martin
Reserves Coordinator
Heather Martin
Librarian for African and African American Studies
Seth McCurdy
Stacks Maintenance Supervisor
Danette Pachtner
Librarian for Film, Video, & Digital Media and Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
Sarah Park
Librarian for Engineering and Computer Science
Jodi Psoter
Librarian for Chemistry and Statistical Science
Interlibrary Requests Assistant
Interlibrary Requests Assistant
Hannah Rozear
Librarian for Biological Sciences and Global Health
Stacks and Photocopy Assistant
Lee Sorensen
Librarian for Visual Studies and Dance, Lilly Library
Sean Swanick
Librarian for North Africa, Middle East and Islamic Studies
Michael Terrell
ILL Lending Assistant
Carol Terry
Lilly Library Collection Services, Communications & Social Media Coordinator
Cheryl Thomas
Librarian for Philosophy and Religious Studies
Mark Thomas
GIS Specialist and Librarian for Economics
Perkins Service Desk Supervisor
Haley Walton
Librarian for Education and Open Scholarship
Brittany Wofford
Librarian for the Nicholas School of the Environment
Luo Zhou
Chinese Studies Librarian
Erik Zitser, Ph.D.
Librarian for Slavic, Eurasian, and Eastern European Studies